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What We Do

We have been serving the San Diego community with patent law services for over 30 years. We provide patent strategic planning and execution for high technology companies who expect their inventions to have high value. This takes more than understanding and patenting a particular technology.  Effective patent strategy seeks to cover not just a technology, but, where possible, a market niche.  Not all patent attorneys understand this. We do.

We also provide litigation support.  We render opinions as to infringement and patent validity, and we serve as expert witnesses in patent cases.  We have a broad network of litigation firms with nationally known trial attorneys who act as litigation counsel for our clients involved in patent disputes.

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Legal Fees

We work on a fixed fee basis for almost all matters except expert witness work.  You will know and agree to our fee (not just an estimate) before you authorize work to begin.  On very rare occasions, we work on a non-fee or partial-fee basis.  Whether we do so depends principally on who your investors are.


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